New Rider Alert – Phoebe Sneddon

Here at Magspeed HQ, we are proud to announce that we have a new rider joining our ranks: Phoebe Sneddon.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 16.12.38

Phoebe is a great asset to Team Orange and we are all so happy that she has joined us. Here is a bit more about our new racer…

“I’m Phoebe Sneddon. I am thrilled to be representing Magspeed Racing this winter. I am a doctor, mum and certified bike nerd. I also represent Specialized who support me to share my enthusiasm for cycling and try to encourage more women to ride bikes.

I grew up in a cycling family but it was only in my 20s that I took my cycling more seriously. I met my husband whilst on a bike and after standing and watching him race, I realised supporting was slightly on the boring side and I wanted a piece of the action. As a child I was considered woeful at sport and it wasn’t until my late teens I discovered I wasn’t totally useless at exercise, I just hadn’t found an activity that suited me.

Cycling brings me a great deal of joy. I have made wonderful friends through the sport and with a stressful high pressured job it provides the ideal outlet to soothe the soul on days off from work. I have tried almost all disciplines of cycling from cycle-touring across Vietnam and Cambodia to Downhill mountain biking. By far my favourite discipline is Cyclocross racing, I love the fast furious racing, the changing conditions and the technical skills required. Equally I love a steady café ride in the Peak District taking in beautiful scenery and stuffing my face with cake.

As a mum I used cycling to help me keep fit during my pregnancy and as the bump grew I switched to the turbo trainer. Following the birth of my daughter two years ago I made a steady return to fitness, squeezing in the training in between feeds and naps. Becoming a mum made me realise how important it was to me to keep up my cycling. It certainly helped me stay sane through the first few tricky months. Now my daughter is no longer a little baby she joins me on off-road rides on the back of the bike and it gives me great pleasure to share my passion with her.

I can’t wait to join the rest of the team and rag about in a muddy field this winter. I am really passionate about encouraging more women to race Cyclocross so if you see me at a race and you want some help give me a shout.

We wish Phoebe a fast and fun season under the Magspeed Racing banner!

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