Cross…weekend number 2

Another weekend of races for the Magspeed riders down south, with Nick Blight racing in the South West League, this time in Taunton, whereas the Western League boys were racing on the tough Shamcross circuit in Keynsham. Mike, Sam, Stu and Scotty took to the start line there in the packed starting grid. See below for a few words on Scotty and Nick’s race reviews…

A Nick’s eye view of Sundays race…

Sunny, dry and dusty conditions for Round 2 of the SWCX League at Bishops Fox, Taunton. Held on a proper ‘techy’ course was setup mixed in with a savage straight into a relentless headwind. I started well and sat in third wheel not wanting to work hard like last week I measured my effort for a few laps and sat behind Rich Long who was 2nd senior Hamish Fletcher who is on fine form was gone up front, mid way through the race I had a coming together with a rider I was lapping in the sand pit and Rich got a few bike lengths on me I managed to get back on his wheel but my effort was a little to late and he managed to hold me off for third senior on the line, this week as always I will be doing a rain dance #teamorange


Scotty’s thoughts on his podium…

A massive turnout again for the Round 2 of the series which included all of the League regulars alongside some extra VERY quick additions to the start sheet. Sam, Mike and myself  got some decent grid positions after Round 1 and it helped with such a big grid. As ever, a fast and furious start and within half a lap it was a Magspeed 1-2 again, with Sam leading and myself right behind. Though, it didn’t take long to be caught by Phil Pierce (Hope Factory Racing) and by the end of lap one we had been demoted to 2-3…Phil was on a mission! I did manage to put a gap between myself and Sam at one point, then manged to take flight in the sandpit…it all seemed to be going to well, then the front folded and I was somewhat closer to the ground! Shook myself off and then got going… With two laps to go Sam made contact again and we then sailed around in formation for the last few laps on the great ‘Shamcross’ circuit, which once again had been the scene of some great racing. Everybody was visually tired after such a hard, bumpy circuit and its great to come away with 2nd Senior and Sam winning the Junior race…


So, another great weekend for Magspeed Racing, with 1st Junior for Sam, 2nd Senior for Scotty and 3rd Senior for Nick… Time to focus on the next one…


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