Rounding off the year…

As 2018 came to a close, the majority of our northern contingent headed to the infamous Macclesfield Supercross and our young gun Sam Smith was at Deerhurst, whilst the rest of our riders were resting up for the last push towards the end of the season.

The very popular Macclesfield race always attracts some of the top riders in the country and our lads and lasses took to the start line to test themselves. First up was James in the Vets race, up against riders such as Cyclocross legend Nick Craig… James put in a decent performance to come away with 7th.


Phoebe and Natalie both lined up in the Women’s race to do battle with each other and all the other top riders. It was Nat’s first cross race for a while, so she unsure about her race fitness… However, it appeared she had nothing to worry about, taking 5th with Phoebe just behind in 6th! Here are a few words from Phoebe on how her race went,

“This weekend was a tough one. A stomach bug on Friday wiped me out and despite being extensively medically trained I decided against taking my own advice. I loaded up on drugs and prepared to race back to back this weekend. The results weren’t pretty. I’d been looking forward to this weekend for ages, racing with all my favourite people. It’s one thing to make yourself more ill but it’s another to die of the crushing misery of FOMO, so I risked it.
Thanks so all my fabulous friends and team mates for chivying me along and merciless taking the piss”.


Scot Easter took to the start line for the last race of the day – the Seniors. Lining up against a packed grid, containing lots of National Trophy regulars, it was going to be a tough day out! Our man got stuck in at the pointy end and came out with a solid 13th place overall.


Meanwhile, down south Sam was the lone Magspeed rider in the Western League. Sam didn’t start the day with the best of legs and the Deerhurst circuit isn’t kind to a tired body! Nonetheless, Smithy put in a very strong ride to win the Junior race and come home in 2nd overall, behind the super-strong Lee Williams of Orbea Factory Racing.

So the new year is here and there are just a handful of races left in the Cross season, but it will by no means be an easy end to the season, with two major events left to race: the last round of the National Trophy Series, the National Championships in Gravesend, plus the final few regional races.

After a successful year for Magspeed Racing, here’s to 2019… let’s go have fun, with our mates, on our bikes!

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