Season Ender…

Sunday saw Magspeed Racing’s Cyclocross season come to an end with five of our ‘southern contingent’ racing at the final round of the Western League in Keynsham. Heavy snowfall over the west country on Thursday night made for some very tricky conditions come Sunday’s race. When the team got onto the circuit for their first practice, the ground was still very hard on what was a slim racing line and then turned into quite deep snow either side, which, if you found yourself veering from the line, you’d know about! Come race time, the boys lined up: the sun was out and the scene was set for a cracking race, the bright white snow surrounding the tough ShamXross circuit.


A fast and furious start and the Magspeed-ers were all up front going into turn one though the ‘holeshot’ was taken by Jared Lindon (Royal Dean Forest). Jared’s lead was short-lived as he crashed out of the lead on corner two, the deeper snow taking its toll! The lead was then taken by Sam Smith with the rest of team orange in tow. As the race progressed there was a fair bit of back and forth at the front and the lead was taken by the winner last time out at Keynsham: Sam Lindsay (73 Degrees). The problems then started for our riders – Sam Smith jammed his chain meaning a long run back to the pits, Scotty punctured and broke his shoe cleat. Sam Andrews moved up to 2nd and then back to 3rd with Scotty working his way back through the pack and eventually latching onto Sam A’s wheel. These two stuck together until the finish line whilst, not far behind, Sam Smith was locked in a battle with Will Hibberd and, not far behind them, Nick and Henry were on good form, the former going surprisingly well considering he’d come down with a stinking cold a few days before the race! Aside from a quick get down from Scotty, all the riders stayed upright and came home with some decent results, Sam Andrews just pipping Scotty to the line for 2nd, making it two of three for Magspeed on the podium and Sam Smith came in 1st Junior, Nick 6th Senior and Henry 3rd Junior!

A great end to Magspeed’s Cyclocross campaign with Sam Smith winning the Junior series and Henry in 2nd, and in the Senior series – Sam Andrews got 3rd after a very consistent season, getting stronger as the season went on! Great work team…it’s been an AMAZING season!


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