Looking ahead.

With Spring doing its thing and the Summer within reach, the team are looking to what’s next for them to sink their teeth into. With our riders keen to have a crack at most aspects of the sport, the imminent start of the MTB season will see a good part of Team Orange hitting the trails to kick off their 2019 Spring/Summer campaigns.

Also coming up in the not-too-distant future are races such as the Castle Combe Easter Classic (which is and has been run by Scotty’s in-laws for a number of years, and Pitman Stu once also organised the race) which will see the spotty flag being flown on the flat and fast motor racing circuit!

The National MTB Series will also kick off at Sherwood Pines in a few weeks and we hope to have some flashes of orange in amongst the quickest riders on the UK MTB scene.

Also on the horizon, some of our riders are heading to warmer climes for training camps, with Stu and Scotty heading to Mallorca this week, and Phoebe and Natalie also heading to the island to get some sunny miles in ahead of the summer. Plenty of other non racing plans are also being made: bike packing, camping and other adventures… it’s going to be a fun one!


Now is a great time for checking out the race calendar and seeing what floats our boat and there is plenty on offer across the disciplines over the year ahead…with our little team keen to get out there, don’t be surprised to see us at an event near you…riding as fast as we can and having fun whilst doing it…!

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