Win, win, win

Well, that was a wet and dull week pretty much all over the UK, but our boys and girls managed to brighten things up somewhat…! Wednesday saw Henry and Sam head to their local round of the Western League Summer Cyclocross Series in Cheltenham and further up country, Di headed to Chorlton Water Park for the Midweek MTB Madness Series. Come the weekend, with a good chunk of the team due to race at The Malvern Classic, plans were changed at the last minute as the race was cancelled due to the recent weather. Scotty found the Kawasaki G100 to head to on the Saturday at Minley Manor, to fill in for missing Sunday race.

Wednesday, in Cheltenham, our two young guns raced at their local Cyclocross circuit in Pitville Park. The boys once again took the bull by the horns and hit the race hard, forced the early pace and soon enough Smithy was in the lead… and as per usual at the moment, he never looked back. Henry wasn’t too far behind battling for the overall podium positions… The boys managed to both get on the overall podium – Sam winning the race outright, and Henry coming in a decent 3rd place which also meant it was a 1-2 in the Junior category for the home riders.

Meanwhile further up north, Di was racing in the very muddy conditions at Chorlton Water Park in the Midweek MTB Madness Series. On what was a tough course, made even tougher by the conditions, Di used her superior strength and technical skills to hit the front of proceedings and never look back… taking the win in the women’s race and with that her first win in the colours of Team Orange!

Scotty managed to change plans and find another race to compete in after the sad cancellation of the Malvern Classic due to rough weather during the week. So he headed to Minley Manor for the Gorrick MTB races – the Kawasaki G100 – to compete in the 3 lapper race, which seemed to be the most popular with a packed grid come 11.15 and time to race. 3 laps of the 15km circuit made for a slightly longer race than the normal XC race, so a slight change in pacing was needed, so that all Scott’s matches weren’t burnt too early. Having not been around the course, Scotty settled into the top 10 from the gun and slowly worked his way up to 5th, following the lines of the riders ahead, to learn as much possible before trying to move further up the line… He was up to 4th by the end of the first lap and then early in the second lap got slightly hindered by the third place rider dropping his chain, which meant there was was then a chase to catch the leading pair. Hitting one of the harder climbs on the course, Scotty put a dig in to catch the leaders and then it was game on again… Watching his fellow breakway companions, he managed to see where their strengths and weaknesses were and soon managed to move into 2nd and then on the hardest climb on the course, steep, exposed and into a headwind our man went to the front and forced the pace… the elastic had broken come the top of the hill and he was away! Trying to ride a well paced out race, what with it being that bit longer than a normal XC race, Chalmers’ lead grew and he was never seen again, bringing home the third win for the team in a week!

Tomo also took to the start line at the weekend, racing at Leeds’s Urban Bike Park for the Crankit series. Conditions were really muddy to add another element to the race, against a strong Veteran men’s field. Lots of singletrack sections on the technical and exciting Leeds circuit worked into Tomo’s hands and even though he was not feeling quite on top form, he managed to grab another podium, coming in 2nd, another strong result!

A cracking week for Team Orange… roll on to the next one, let’s hope it’s a tad drier.

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