New Rider – Sally Reid (Hibberd)

Sally Reid (Hibberd) is a Cheltenham based rider who has a background in
Mountain Biking XC racing. As a professional MTB XC rider in the late
80’s and early 90’s, she rode for various teams including Specialized, Zinn, Alpine
Stars and MBUK competing in the Grundig World Cups and World
Championships. Career highlights were 3 consecutive National titles, top 5
finishes in World Cup series and top 10 at World Championships.
After a break of 20 odd years (just living life) Sally returned to cycling in
2015. Using her now-retro GT MTB, she rode a local Western League Cyclocross race
and was hooked! In her second season back she won the Cyclocross National Title in
the Vet 55-59 category, relishing the tough Bradford course.

Sally is passionate about cycling and her spare time is spent running coaching
courses for women and encouraging youngsters.

‘I’m so excited to be joining the Magspeed Team; the people, the kit and the
challenge! Funny to think that some of my team members weren’t even born
when I was racing 1st time around!
Really looking forward to sharing my experience where I can with the younger
riders and continuing to have a ‘Party on the Park!!!!’

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