Magspeed Racing Kit 2019-20 Season

For the 2019/20 season we have new kit!! A change in supplier sees Team Orange move to the Italian manufacturer, Castelli. We are really happy to be working with such a great brand with so much heritage! But we would like to thank Inverse for helping create the Magspeed kit early last year, the kit that managed to start showing off our team across the country and even across the water in (quite a few now) other countries.



Our new kit keeps the majority of the original design, with a few subtle changes for an updated design for the new season. All of our great sponsors adorn the new jersey and we are proud to show them off to you all and are very grateful for all of their support.

Our 2019/20 support comes from:

The Ark Cycles –

Blights Motors & MG –

Newmans Removals –

Spinavita Chiropractic –

Muc Off –

Saddleback & Castelli –

Smith Optics UK –

Time to get this mint new kit out and about…we’ll see you there, whether it be on the Cyclocross circuit, the roads, the trails…we’ll be there, having fun, doing what we love…


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