And…Pause, for now.

With all of our Cyclocross riders taking a well earned rest after the long and demanding season, ready to build up for their spring and summer plans and our other riders who have been building up since the middle of the winter towards the upcoming Road, Time Trial, and Mountain Bike seasons, raring to go and…JUST as it began, the world as we know it has been put on pause. The current pandemic across the globe has put a stop to all things racing, but luckily at the moment, at least we can all get out on the open road to ride, albeit alone, but still being able to get out there, is priceless!

Some bike racing was able to happen though in the pre lockdown world and it was good to see Team Orange back out there on the start line and in two disciplines, with Jamie getting his Time Trial season off to a start, with some strong rides in the early WTTA Hardriders series then also Mike and Marc racing at Round 1 of the Welsh MTB Series in the Forest Of Dean in very muddy conditions!

In other non racing going on, Alan headed over the border for the Gospel Pass Audax, to get some winter base miles in and then a few weeks later, Stu and Scotty also did an Audax from Bristol that headed out over the bridge and up the same tough Gospel Pass climb, 200km later, the boys were ready for a sit down!!


With racing on the back burner for the foreseeable, its time to re adjust summer plans and take care of keeping safe and making sure all of our famillies are well and as happy as can be in the circumstances! After all, even though riding and racing is a big part of the team’s world, there is much more to life, especially at the moment! Stay safe people…its gonna be rough year, but it’ll be a bloody amazing feeling when the time comes to ride with our mates again and at some point even pin a number on!



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