3t24 is coming

This weekend two of our team riders will take on a challenge in the Scottish hills to raise awareness and also money for the amazing cause that is Ride for Charlie. Scot Easter and Scotty Chalmers have been racing and riding together for years and are always looking for new challenges. They’ve talked of riding the West Highland Way for a while now and recent talks escalated somewhat and now the pair are doing the West Highland Way, followed by The Great Glen Way, which will see them ride approximately 170 off road miles and 18,000ft of climbing. Not content with that, they aim to do it in under 24 hours and and are trying to raise as much awareness and donations as possible.


As the lads are trying to do it at speed, they will have a support crew on hand for the ride, meeting at selected places to help with feeding, new bottles and if the forecast is anything to go by, changes of clothes! Team rider Phoebe Sneddon is heading up the support crew alongside Grace Metcalf and these two are ON IT, when it comes to organisation and basically being THE most badass support crew!

More information is in the link below and if you would like to donate, all the information is there too and we’d be most grateful for anything you can spare! The boys will be riding with Charlie in their thoughts and aim to do him and his family proud. See you all on the other side!




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