What we’re about

Magspeed Racing is a group of riders who all share the same passion for riding bikes across all disciplines of the sport and the team were established in September 2017. The team is based in Gloucestershire in the South West of England, with riders based all over the country, from down in Devon, up to Lancaster and across in Cambridge and also London, with plenty dotted about in between. Magspeed also has quite a range in age across the team, from riders as young as 17, up to the current 60+ National Cyclocross Champion. Our team has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the sport including current Nationals Champions, ex World Champions, life long cyclists all coming from different angles which we love and in turn has created an amazing hub of knowledge and we aim to use that to support each other and also pass as much on to our younger riders and also represent all of our sponsors and support best we can. Above all, we want to do it with a smile on our face.

Last year’s notable rider performances:

The recent National Championships in Shrewsbury saw 13 riders take part over the categories. The team won the Veteran 50+ National Championships with Tracey Fletcher, Veteran 60+ race with Sally Reid and also the Elite Men’s Team Championship win with Sam Smith, Scott Chalmers and Nick Blight.
  • 63 Podiums over the winter Cyclocross Season
  • 1 National Series Title
  • 2 National Championship Titles
  • 1 Elite Men’s Team Championship Win
  • 2 Regional Titles
  • 2 Competitors in the Masters World Championships, Belgium
  • Podium in a Junior National MTB Series race
  • Expert South Of England MTB Champion
  • Expert Southern XC Series Win

Race plans
Well, for the foreseeable…ride when we can, stay fit and healthy and when its time…we will head to the woods, the roads, the race circuits and do more of what we love, until then, keep our chins up and those smiles on our faces.